While all of the software I write is licensed under free licensing, some of it is hosted using services that I pay for. Everything on (including is hosted on a Vultr VPS, which costs me US$48/mo (more than A$70/mo), alongside Wasabi storage, which fluctuates in price between US$5 to US$7.

On top of these costs, there are also costs that can't be directly assigned a dollar value, like the labour involved in maintaining the software I provide, the server that publicly hosts much of it, and so on.

If you'd like to donate, you can do so with any of the following links. Thank you very much for your consideration.

One time


Ko-Fi allows you to make a single donation without tax. However, it only accepts donations in increments of US$3.


PayPal allows you to make a single donation, although it will usually be taxed. Unlike Ko-Fi, donations can be any amount, and in any of PayPal's many accepted currencies.

Stellar Wallet

Keybase provides each user with a Stellar wallet, and I use Keybase, therefore I have a Stellar wallet. I don't really use it, but if you'd like to donate using crypto for any reason (privacy, convenience, etc) feel free to do so. My federated address is lynnesbian*



Patreon allows you to donate a certain amount monthly, and to select pledge reward tiers. Currently, the only reward tier offered is a manually managed ebooks bot, but I strongly recommend using FediBooks (free) instead of this option.


Liberapay functions similarly to Patreon, allowing you to pledge a monthly amount. Liberapay itself is open source software, and is designed with the OSS community in mind.