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My name is Lynne, a twenty-two year old woman living in Australia (the land down under!)



I make free and open source software, which is software that can be modified and distributed however you please - on any computer in the world!!
Some of my projects include (mouse over to learn more!): Of course, I've done much more than just that! :)
You can see more of my projects on my own personal Git web page, or my online GitHub account.


Some of the tools I often use to work are: The best way to create free software is with free software. ;)


I have a passion for creating software for the world to use, and I think that making softwares available free of any restrictions is vitally important. Steve Ballmer may refer to copy-left licenses as a "cancer", but imagine a world without freedom to distribute and modify - Your personal computer could bombard you with paid advertisements, huge corporations would be able to stymie any opposition to their products through sheer force and intentional incompatibilities, and your cell phone might even track your every move! I realise that I sound paranoid, but in my opinion, it's better safe than sorry.


You won't find me on centralised blogging websites. You can, however, find me on the Fediverse - an open and federated social networking platform that allows for messages to flow freely from computer to computer through centralised servers ("instances") - without relying on a single point of failure. Drop me a line at @lynnesbian@fedi.lynnesbian.space, or if you're more old-school, you can email me at lynne@bune.city.


Until the end of cyber freedom as we know it, the webmasters, webmistresses and webmakers of the world will be fighting back. Information wants to be free...

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Take back your computing freedom - switch to GNU/Linux today!

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